Offshore Decommissioning and Abandonment

Offshore Decommissioning and Abandonment

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What you will learn?

How to hold your camera correctly, which helps you to get sharp photos every time.

Which lenses to use for which photos, so that you can best capture a specific subject or scene.

Why and when you should support your camera on tripods and bean bags.

How to take photos in diffused light on overcast days.

Course description

This course focuses on the decommissioning and abandonment of offshore oil and gas facilities. Participants will learn about the regulatory requirements, technical challenges, and project management considerations associated with the cessation of production and the removal of offshore platforms and pipelines. The course covers topics such as plug and abandonment techniques, environmental impact assessments, and decommissioning cost estimation. Case studies and industry best practices will be explored to provide participants with practical knowledge in offshore decommissioning.


You need a Canon or Nikon DSLR camera (the kind that has interchangable lenses) - any model will do.

You don't need any prior photographic experience.

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